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Dr. Menks' Mobile Vet Care

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We are a full service Mobile Veterinary Clinic with 24/7 Emergency Services and a new brick and mortar clinic currently that can take care of all your large and small animal at at 2403 N543 Pr NE Benton City WA, 99320 or all your needs at the convenience of your home or in public parking areas. 

You will find us parked daily at convenient locations on a regular basis and available for emergencies 24/7.

We now have three veterinarians on staff and three mobile rigs to service all your needs. We have two large mobile facilities to service all small animal needs and a large animal rig for all your large fury friends.

We treat large animals of all kinds at your farm or here at our faciltiy: Horses, LLamas, Alpacas, Goats, Sheep - and now offering equine reproduction services. Also small animals of all kinds: Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs etc...

Sorry, but we do not see cows or pigs (if you eat it we don't treat it:), no we are not vegetarians.

The Menks-Mobile started with a small vehicle and now we have 3 vehicles on the ground and have built a stationary clinic. Thank you to all of our clients, old and new who keep us ever changing, adapting and overcoming! The two 20 foot clinics both are completely outfitted veterinary hospitals. We have state of the art features on board including a blood analyzer, digital x-ray machine and developer, ultrasound machine, separate surgery suites, hydrolic lift tables, ultrasonic dental machines. Our equine truck is a heavy duty 4x4 customized truck with running water, power float, ultrasound and reproduction equipment for our equine patients along with a dehorner for goats and much more. You will find state of the art equipment in our clinic as well. Stop by, say hi and ask for a tour.

Once inside these mobile veterinary hospitals it is obvious that the most important thing is to provide a safe, environmentally controlled atmosphere that offers a friendly place to go for your pets.

cat.pngWhen the Menks-Mobile pulls into your driveway pets have been waiting at the comfort of their own home. They are much less stressed and generally are much easier to handle.

Happier Pet * Happier Vet - and a Happier Owner!

Caring quality medicine at an affordable price, anytime,  anywhere! 


It's a big rig - It's the Menks' Mobile!

When it comes to our equipment we fixit.

Dr. Tanja Menks
South Eastern Washington Veterinarian | Dr. Menks' Mobile Vet Care | 509-438-4800

2403 N 543 PR NE
Benton City, WA 99320


ave had wonderful experience with Menks Mobile. Always very professional, friendly, and compassionate. We had to lay our dog to rest last week, and they came to our home, was very kind, patient, and sympathetic. A couple of years ago we took that same dog to their clinic in Badger Canyon, for surgery, and was very impressed. Will always be our vet, forever.

Paul M. / Benton City, WA

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